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Saturday, 29 March 2014


This is a great Western novel published by a fellow Black Horse Western author, Jo Walpole, who writes as Terry James. Recently, Hale have reissued three of her Western novels as ebooks.Here is the first one, Long Shadows.

This is a really enjoyable page-turner of a Western. It features a strong female character and a strong square-jawed US marshal. Yet it is Ros West, the fiery redhead who carries the story. She has amnesia, but is struggling with memories that come back fleetingly. The story is told with panache and it keeps tempting you onwards as her past unfolds and gradually everything starts to come together. Having said that, the way things come together reveal past family schisms and a cartload of duplicity. There is danger all the way through, building to a great ending.

Bravo! I thoroughly recommend this novel and I am heading off to buy Terry James' next one.

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